In order to provide excellence in all areas, the Chamundi Charity Trust has worked diligently in equipping the school with all the modern educational tools.


This comprises of four blocks of spacious buildings generously built by the trust. The class rooms are well light and ventilated. This houses classes 5-12, the library, labs and the administrative block. Separate and spacious modern toilets are provided for boys and girls.


This comprises of an “L” shaped building built like a hut to blend with the rural background. It has a high double tiled roof to provide coolness and protection from the hot sun. This section is cordoned of from the primary section in order to keep the young ones together, under the watchful eyes of the teachers and to prevent them from wandering away and getting hurt by older children.


This comprises of 2 blocks housing classes 1-4. The primary school is located on a separate campus behind the main block. The children in this campus also have their own play area. Play area is spacious and has numerous colorful plants and trees. Shelter is provided for lunch and craft activities outside the class.


Chemistry, Physics and Life science Laboratories are located in the main block and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. They are spacious and can accommodate over 40 children at 1 time.


2 separate libraries on each campus are fully stocked with books, reference and reading material for students of all ages.


This comprises of a senior and junior lab. Both labs are equipped with over 30+30+20 = 80 of the latest computers each. Each computer has an independent CPU and power backup system. Multi-media facilities are also provided to make the learning process interesting


Smart Board has been installed in all classes right from KG to XII std.; empowered with systems in the Knowledge Centre. This Audio-Visual aid has been uploaded with an elaborate amount of information regarding the various topics in all subjects. This facilitates the students to increase their listening and learning ability and a lively presentation of the subjects.


Digital library has been installed in the computer lab and in the library to enhance the reading ability of the children. This visual technique including the audio, enhances the reading ability and creates interest in the children in the aspect of reading, as it includes beautiful and colourful pictures related to the title and subtitles.


The school is equipped with play areas for the students in the primary, middle, higher and higher secondary sections.


The campus is self supported in every way – Power backup – provided by a pollution free gas generator. Ample water supply is made available from an open well system, aquaguards provide drinking water.


3 big school busses and 4 vans ply to nearby towns within a radius of 30kms.Over 75% of students use the school bus facility.


This is like a tuck shop where students can buy their favorites. Hot lunch items are also available at the canteen.